Harmony perhaps…

Its three weeks away. The big move that is. I am very excited.

My head is full of room layouts and potential furniture purchases. Do we make arty choices or practical ones? How much can we do ourselves and what will we need help with? I hope to goodness the house is a warm one with easy to use heating and hot reliable water. I hope the lights work and the walls will look all new with just paint.

My son’s room is first. Planning his favourite things all over the walls – hoping my ideas will be continued to talent. Hoping he will transfer easily and peacefully and be happy.

I can’t wait to have room for guests, room to entertain more than one other couple, room to store items so the falling out of every cupboard claustraphobia passes.

I can’t wait to work with SOG, building our future in our home.

I am full of eagerness and impatience to be started. Having to work in my job at the same time will annoy me for a while.

I want this house to be full of laughter. A place to make good memories with all who enter. I want to feel settled and contented with the bricks and mortar that I can shape with SOG into our home – my best home ever.

How fortunate I am.



Life is damned good.

I am lucky. Sooo lucky.

My job is enjoyable, challenging, tiring and interesting. I work with dedicated, inspiring, intelligent and fun people (a few of whom are becoming friends.)

My son is a bubbly little near three year old with a beaming smile, a sometimes serious face, a loving and affectionate nature and is beyond any doubt the most wonderful person in the whole world. I love him… I absolutely LOVE him. As time paces itself my minutes with him are gifts. He makes my world spin. I feel overwhelmed with love and contentment in his being in my world. (Of course I mostly tuck all this away so as not be overbearing and suffocate him.)

My family (for the time being happily) are well and I think the balance of keeping them happy and being an individual is being maintained. I love them too. I don’t know what I would do without them.
My other half, my boyfriend, my partner SOG is an amazingly lovely man. We’ve been living together for around five months and it works. We still share the same values and vision. I look forwards to seeing him and being in his prescence. Our little family unit is happy, loving and easy.
Sooo. Why am I at 95%?

It is healthy (I tell myself) to not be perfect. perfect is dull.

I want to be another girl. Seeing the wonderful gifts of life and stability.

I want more…. for christ’s sake… I always frigging do. What is it you want Fable? I want passion. Proper up against the wall passion. The sort that Cot’s girl describes perfectly in past posts. The sort I am too impatient to put words to today.

I want a partner who wants to put his hands all over me whenever he can. I am not the girl who says I have a migraine. I want kisses that feel like I can fall into them. I want my neck to feel like a place of heaven. I am full of guilt that I am not contented with my lot.

I am full of fear. We are buying a house together. We want a child together. We have a great future together. I am afraid that I could jeapordise it for passion.
I know I can live and survive and be contented on my own. I have the security of my son, my family, my work around me. I know I am outgoing enough to tackle the dating market if I ever wanted to without cold fear.

This means I should be afraid – of me.

I don’t have anyone I can really talk to about it because how could I expect them to understand? I have a good life.

I am not bored. I just miss feeling that height of passion. I am not ready to live without it and I could foolishly destroy the wonderful things in my world. I would never actively seek ‘it’ from another (i.e: cheat). I have talked about my need for it several times with SOG. I have fulfillment from all other aspects of my world so I should shut the f**k up and be happy. (Which I am 95%) The way I would destroy my current bubble is through leaving a man because its 95%. I know passion in a relationship with anyone else would mean something else would lack – heck, it’d be less than 95% so I should quit my jibber jabber.

Oh how amazing to be locked together, wrapped around one another, heat and sweat and sex and fire though. Porn and emotional haven for the selfish soul.
Maybe I am not made for relationships.

I am a weapon I sadly feel.

A quote I just found online: We often look to experience sexual “passion” when what’s really missing from our lives is a deeper kind of passion—the one that comes from living out our purpose.
I’m confused.

I try to warn the men in my life. I speak out despite awkwardness and pain and still I am unfulfilled. I ask what I can do for them… I’d do it, but they never want anything more. I want to be like that.

My fortune is that I am moral. I am faithful. I am not presented with laiden platters. But I am not satisfied and fed and so I whinge here.

Passion missing. Give me passion.

It’s been a while, I’ll update my blog file…

Wow! I mean WOW! Five months… Five whole frigging months since I last posted about SOG and life in general (or thereabouts).

Every week the urge to write is still there, what is not is the time. The daily roll has consisted of work, and home, and more work, and sleep; with every spare minute with my son, family, and with SOG.

Life is good. It is important to recognise in any given moment when life is dealing you a good hand, when all your hard work and toil has fruition.
It took perhaps six months for Love to become fully realised. (Purposeful capital – meaning the Real Thing.) There have been so many mini stories (all good) and so many moments that I should have sat down with my laptop and put to virtual paper memories. Silly girl Fable.
Tonight I can’t sleep. It makes no sense – I am usually a pretty good sleeper (when O allows it) and I generally crave and need the sleep. (I am such an earlybird) but alas, tonight it eludes me and so here I sit, dear friend, with letters flowing beneath my fingers, and the familiar throb of lust now preventing slumber. I don’t think waking SOG is the most productive outcome as I’m not sure how well the itch could be scratched by sleepy sex – I’m in a full blown, passion on, mood.
I’m loved and feel love. SOG and I have spent every weekend together since we met bar one, where we spent a mid week instead. Its mostly here, at my place but perhaps every three weekends at his. He is a brilliant role model for my son (who loves him – and its mutual) a marvellous man and for me a very, very good boyfriend.
A list of qualities:
1.) He is great with my son
2.) He loves me – and tells me so regularly
3.) He shows me love, with his eyes and his words and his actions
4.) He is affectionate and not shy about it
5.) He cooks with me/for me and shares the kitchen
6.) He drives – to me/with me/to friends/to dinner
7.) He mixes well with my family
8.) He mixes well with my friends
9.) He loves Star Wars
10.) He is a closet geek – in exactly the right way… his way!
11.) He has an amazing bum, and legs, and chest
12.) He asks me if I want him to shave
13.) He loves my underwear collection
14.) He loves my heels
15.) He likes naughty, exploratory sex
16.) He keeps me safe and warm and in his arms
17.) He likes to indulge – in cookies, chocolate, tea, reading, DVD’s and me
18.) He will share a bath with me
19.) He is observant and notices new hair/earrings/nail colour/weight loss (and not gain)
20.) He thinks about me – is considerate and thoughtful
21.) He brings me breakfast in bed when I don’t
22.) He loves me even when I’m ill or a bit grumpy
23.) He likes musicals
24.) He wants to own his own deli – attached to my dreamed of tearooms
25.) He wants to live with me

There are many more qualities but these exceed my expectations and many of my past experiences. I am so so lucky.

I have to pinch myself to believe that after that first ‘naughty’ date, where I thought I’d blown it, well here we are, nine months later. Only my ongoing divorce is delaying our ‘moving in together’ plans. This is perhaps a good thing so we court for longer. Its given me time to enjoy living alone with my son, and gives me time to prepare to live with another man.

I have much more to say, so much I should’ve more eloquently recorded. But for now this will suffice.

Barcelona… such a beautiful horizon

What a stunning city. If you are able to appreciate architecture then it is the best city I have ever visited for it. If you also like the sun, a beach, amazing shopping, an efficient metro system, oodles of places to visit, art, history and gorgeous green spaces then really you must go there in your lifetime.

I went with SOG. For four nights. We have already said we will have to go back in the future, maybe after Istanbul, a cruise, camping and having a B and B. This bodes well.

We are at around the 4/5 month mark. It has gotten better and better. No mention of the ‘L’ word yet but then what’s the rush? It has taken me till now to realise that I may be feeling the ‘L’ and not just the lust. I’ve ummed and ahhed over it – I don’t trust myself to recognise what I feel straight away any more. Throughout I have known that I want SOG, that I enjoy being with him, that I like his company as well as his hot bod; now I know that I can see a future with him. This is the point where I become vulnerable. I made myself say this when I started to recognise one of my not-so-nice traits appearing in the fourth day of our break. Basically I started to feel (from no fathomable start reason, just random emotion)uptight and was able to identify that I was distancing myself a little. This was noticed and SOG (very sensibly) made me tell him what was up. I explained that I left my husband because I always felt that he had ‘settled’ for me. That I had loved him but never truly felt he had ‘chosen’ me. I told SOG that if in any way that he was ‘settling’ for me that I’d rather we walked away from each other now because I really liked him. This wasn’t easy to say. Not only is it my left over fears from my marriage breakdown but it meant that I was revealing that I was a girl of emotion who wasn’t always sunny and delightful, that I did get a little negative at times. SOG didn’t laugh at me, he didn’t recoil in horror, he didn’t belittle me; instead he reworded what I hadn’t said as, ” So what you are trying to say is that you are feeling worried that you might get hurt.” which was (after a moments thought) spot on. I am also chronically fearful of hurting others. Leaving my husband was the hardest thing I ever did because I still loved him. Leaving my son’s father was hard because I knew how happy he was in our relationship and I knew it would hurt him. I have never been heartless and I empathise to a frightening degree so am prone to be wary now. I don’t ever want to relive those experiences. I managed to word this and I got the reassurance and honesty that I needed. (Placations never work in this situation – I get suspicious) SOG cleverly (without realising it) said the best thing he could – that he had finished his last two relationships. Relief flooded through me – I have met someone strong enough to walk away from me if they are unhappy. He also said he had no intention of going anywhere and that he was really happy and that should he ever feel differently that he’d be open and direct.

So that was just under two weeks ago. The past two weekends have been so so happy. We’ve been out and about (as always) visiting roman cities, places of interest and the park. We’ve enjoy the copany of Cot’s girl and he’s been at ease with my family. SOG and my son have played and walked and communicated in that endearing boy to man way. (My son mimicking SOG mostly – so cute!) But there is a heartwarming growth of feeling. There’s more tenderness in the affection, more lingering looks and more endearments in our conversations. I know that I can let more armour fall away – More importantly that I’m willing to take the risk of my warm heart.

There is so much I haven’t written. That I should have from the past few months. I hope to make it to my laptop more evenings instead of just browsing on my phone. My school summer holidays come to an end on Monday and I have failed to spend as much time as I intended writing. I’m not disappointed though. I have had an amazing few months since my last post. Nothing extraordinary – but a satisfying growth of happiness born from my family, friends and an amazing man. Long may it continue!


I’ve missed three weeks – in Fable time that is sad as my poor memory prevents me from filling in as much detail as I would like. Needless to say happy times have been had every weekend with the handsome SOG!

Places we’ve been to, enjoyed good weather at and held hands:(In no particular order)
Malvern Hills (Blogged)
Ludlow (Blogged)
Walk along the River Severn in nearest city (Same blog as Ludlow)
Kenilworth castle (with O – great fun!)
Avoncroft Outdoor museum (On a day with Historical reenactments and O)
Lickey Hills country park
Symond’s Yat (overnight break – absolutely heavenly, with long walk, hill forts and a great view from our room – see more detail below)
Picnic at a viewpoint – random
Two local parks (Which was more exciting than it may sound)
Whitley Court (Ruined mansion – previously blogged)

This list I am sure is incomplete – I have enjoyed so many fabulous weekends with SOG – and been too busy working or sleeping to blog. I wish now that I had to have a record of loveliness. My memory – grrrr!

More recent wonderfulness:
Our 7th weekend together – Symond’s Yat and Cots’ birthday. Now this I can write in a bit more detail.

It was my half term break. I’d enjoyed SOG’s company over the bank holiday prior to this particular weekend – I’d had him from Saturday till the Tuesday morning – blissful. During that time we booked an overnight break at Symond’s Yat for the Thursday coming (and he took time off work to spend it with me! How exciting). O was on holiday with his dad so it was just the two of us.
On the aforementioned Thursday morning, I had an extremely productive (if full of slight setbacks) start to the day – It started with a flat battery and an appointment with my divorce solicitor. I had spent a horrid two days sorting out divorce linked paperwork and even calling my ex hubby to try and speed things up and save us both a lot of money on solicitors. (Seriously we should have the simplest divorce in the world – another blog sometime methinks.) Any how – I headed into town to collect a few last bank documents. En-route I passed the letting agency I currently am signed up with and spotted a new two bed house in a great area, (near my mum) that was in my price bracket. On the spur of the moment I dropped in and set up a viewing. (Houses go like hotcakes here.) Due to the flat battery I hastily requested a half hour ‘borrow’ of Mum’s car (She reluctantly agreed) and I set off to a charming little semi with a garden. Twenty minutes later I was back at the agency (car duly returned to Mum) and paperwork filled in on the spot. I was at the mercy of the referencing agency but essentially have a new pad to move into over the next month.
I managed to collect paperwork needed and get to my solicitor appointment by 10am. (Yey – go me!) SOG was due half an hour later so I was impressed with my time keeping and structure for the morning.

Once complete I returned home (to my current, rented, third floor flat) to tidy, sort and finish preparing for our trip away. I readied my jump leads for a battery charge and as soon as SOG arrived we got my motor ticking, (thereby needing to take my car so that it gat a ‘run’) and headed off. That’d make for a great innuendo!

The weather reports were promising as we headed West and we had happy expectations of the four days ahead. The journey itself was lovely – chatting and catching up (after only two days away). I’d made a little packed lunch and we stopped off for a small (improptu – well, slight loss of directions ‘moment’) at a signposted viewpoint to enjoy it. The weather was still nippy but the grey was starting to clear.
Following our car picnic (it was a bit breezy) we continued on our travels – abandoning the idea of stopping off at Goodrich castle in favour of finding our bedroom at the B and B! (Naughty thoughts abound!!!)

Of course once that sort of idea enters the head on a journey, hands on legs/knees/thighs becomes a little urgent. Indeed once we had correctly and safely arrived at our hired room (that makes it sound sordid) we marvelled at our brilliant choice of establishment (The best views of the River Wye possible) and got naked! Oh gosh – how utterly divine to be pleasured and plunged into. What a wonderful time was had! (What an amazing bed too! Comfortable, sturdy and headboarded adequately – hehe)
We indulged in a couple of hours rest before deciding that we ought to a.) Eat and b.) Enjoy the emerging sunshine before it was night.

So, for the second time in two weeks I headed up Symond’s Yat rock. (1st time was abseiling – see Permission to Grin part 1) This time we walked up it – There was no-one else about. It was around 5.30pm and the sun was beaming down on us. The greenery was breathtaking and the moment (for me at least) was charged with serenity. This is one of my favourite places – my flying grounds of the future and I was there, spending it with a sexy, lovely man who had so far made the effort to see me every weekend. It was romantic. I did get to stand at one of my favourite views with his arms around me. Life… is good; was the thought in my mind. I put the week’s frustrations (Divorce issues, a flat battery and a paypal hack of my account to the sum of £410.06) behind me.

Afterwards we headed back down and had an absolutely delicious dinner at The Saracen’s Head. We had a sneaky ‘we’ve had a drink’ cigarette and enjoyed the evening sun on our faces, full bellies and stunning scenery.

The following day was a glorious start weather wise. We had a reasonable breakfast then were up and out to get the most out of our day. We decided on a 5 mile round walk up to the nearby hillforts – taking in the forest, the river and a fantastic rope bridge on our way. We were early enough that there were few others about and we got the full sensory experience of birdsong, river rushing waters, sunlight through green leaves and fresh air. The scent of wild garlic was all around and the changes of view from the river, to the rapids, to the woods and rocky outcrops was unrivalled. We reached the hillforts (just groundworks) in a meadow at the top. If it weren’t for the many young bullocks grazing, we’d had enjoyed longer at the top, perhaps indulging in a few more kisses and who knows what else…
On our walk back towards the hamlet of Symond’s Yat East we decided to revisit the Saracen’s head for lunch. By the time we arrived it was very busy with visitors. We did however, manage to secure a table in the sun and indulge in terrific food once more. Then it was time to go… We had to go the longer way back (via mine) and swap cars before heading down to his city where we were going to join Cots in her birthday celebrations the next day.

Cots’ birthday bash:

I couldn’t wait to see Cots. It’d been too long since I’d last been able to give her a Fable hug and I missed her dreadfully. I also know that every time I see her (without exception) that I wll enjoy myself thoroughly. This is the joy of being in Cots’ ‘inner circle’ of fabulous people. I was looking forwards to seeing her goood friends too – I love the HFB’s and (I forget her abbrieviations) the ‘others’. I was also interested to see how SOG would get on with these wonderful people. In fairness I had no concerns. I wouldn’t be spending time romantically with a man, for this many weekends in a row, if I had even a small thought that it’d be awkward. (Been there, done that – got the f’ing T-shirt and won’t be repeating it!)

We had a leisurely morning. In bed we were wrapped up in each other and I just said outright, (and cutely I like to think) ‘So… are you my boyfriend?’ (I hadn’t intended to) He looked bemused by my outburst and replied ‘I suppose I am. What else would I be?’ I answered jokingly that he could be my bit of fluff to which he said, ‘ That wouldn’t be very nice for me’ (meaning himself) We then lightheartedly joked about the status and he did drop in that as ‘his girlfriend…’ (I can’t remember what followed – Grr!)
After we got up he went to played squash for an hour whist I did some school work at his) He also has prepared a terrific continental breakfast (and the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten!) We then headed happily to Cots’ place. I was eager to see what she’d done with it since my last visit (moving day) and couldn’t wait to deliver her birthday/moving in gifts.

It was great catching up and meeting her friends again. Some I’d met before, others were fabulous new company to me and I knew straight away that a marvellous time would be had. SOG was brilliant straight away – engaging and sweet.

We soon had the whole crowd and headed out for punting in the sun.

At the river we had an amusing time waiting for our boats to free up (In my skirt I was trying desperately not to flash accidentally – I am a little clumsy at times.) Cots has detailed far more about this event so I shan’t repeat it all apart from to say that I was a total disaster at it but it was terrifically good fun and I’d definitely have another go! SOG was able but had a rather short stint before the fobulous Cots demonstrated her excellent punting skills. (Hehe) ventually we headed back to shore for gin and cheer. In fact we all were in rather good spirits as we sat in the sun – soon bonding over stories and details from our lives. It was easy, enjoyable and fun, fun, fun! SOG again had some connection with me as we talked to others – either a leg of hand. Lovely… simply lovely.

We headed back to my darling friend’s house. O there; cake was enjoyed, as was champagne (Tattinger – yum!!!) We’d stopped off at the off licenese on the way back and all were happily greasing the wheels. Hilarious and fun. (The place by the way – looked great. Homely, well arranged and comfortable.)

Mrs HBF arrived (hurray!) and we all headed to the bar for more revelry. I was really rather sloshed now – I did warn SOG about my happy, tipsy state. (I get giggly and tend to be quite child like and chatty when I have alcohol in my bloodstream.) I am also comfortable with affection but wanted to (obviously) not flaunt newly found couple status so was relatively well behaved. SOG and I both indulged in a few ‘alcohol in system’ cigarettes which meant a chance of a few brief kisses. (yey)

One of Cots’ wonderful friends was also a newish) mum and started to feel the effects quite quickly of the progressing evening. I offered to walk her back to Cots’ home. Her lovely hubby accompanied SOG and I as we wandered back and made her comfortable then we returned to the bar. More cocktails and banter ensued before SOG and I decided to head off to the taxi rank. The evening had been such a success on many counts. (I’d have been a little more outspoken and helped Cots to get a birthday kiss if I’d been on my own – perhaps it was just as well I wasn’t!) I think everyone had an immensely good time. SOG has mixed really well and we’d all had a chance to catch up.

Next day (Sunday) It was really quite sad having to leave SOG’s. I missed O terribly and wanted to be with him, I just wanted to take SOG with me. I’d had his company 7 days out of 9. How greedy and delightful. I think the feeling was mutual too.

How lucky am I! I have a lovely, sociable, affectionate boyfriend.
It is early days yet. My armour hasn’t gone entirely yet. I’ve also still got a fair few bricks in place around my heart – but things are certainly promising.
Lucky me.

Permission to grin (Part 2)

Now the real reason I’ve been grinning for the past few weeks is nothing to do with my abseiling adventure really – that is just me going forth and doing what makes me happy. The grin has come from my lovely lover SOG.

To start. Gosh… it was a few weekends ago now. Lets see…
SOG knew I had my son for the weekend. As I mentioned before I was willing to introduce him to my son for longer and he’d asked to come up at the weekend. This meant a full weekend with us. Interesting.

So Friday he arrived after I’d put O to bed. We had a lovely supper and headed to bed – A delightful time was had, as was an earlyish night. O treated me to a little lie in the next morning which enabled SOG and I to snuggle up and sleepily chat (amongst a few things) before breakfast. How lovely to start the day with his warm, strong, manly arms pressing me against a hard chest – divine.
When O awoke I transferred to the living room and started the fun weekend play and breakfast for him whist SOG showered and dressed (so O was unaware of his coming from the bedroom – not that I think at 16 months he’d have noticed when cars, teddies and porridge were on offer.) As soon as SOG was decent he entertained O and tried to engage him (well done). O was a bit grotty,snotty, and mummy bound but soon came round and got into the serious business of driving cars around and making brum noises (so cute). I made our breakfast and then O accompanied me to the bathroom to play whilst I showered and readied myself for the day. SOG reclined sexily on the sofa with a good book.

Incidentally, I really really like the fact he is an early bird like me. I have never dated anyone or had a relationship with a fellow earlybird – what a difference it makes. No long morning hours waiting for someone to wake and get ready so you can head out at lunch time. Nope – by 10.30am all three of us were up, in the car and off to Ludlow – a wonderful jewel of a market town, crammed with history, great food stalls and in this case; a funfair too. Upon arrival at aound 12noon we wandered amongst the funfair rides with O marvelling at the lights, music and array of cheap tat – what a happy, simple, delight. We then proceeded to the castle (ruins) and wandered most pleasurably around for a couple of hours – basically following O on his reins and sharing the job of cuddles and sight seeing. O thoroughly enjoyed the exploring, was quite happy with SOG’s attention and even merrily waited with him whilst I (tentatively) visited the loo. We had a nice cake and cuppa in a local cafe before heading back home through the beautiful, rolling green countryside which was springing to attention in the late spring climate. Hops growing, birds flying, lambs frolicking – happy times.

We spent the rest of the afternoon paying a brief visit to town and then amusing O with his toys at home.
After he’d headed to the land of nod we had a scrummy tea, enjoyed some very fun bedroom shennanigans and started to watch ‘Horrible bosses’ till I nodded off too. Then we both curled up in bed, wrapped around each other. I felt secure and content.

Next day we all lazed around for a while with breakfast and games. I suggested a walk along the river as the sun was out for the first time this year and it was glorious. SOG had been planning to go home after breakfast but decided to stay till lunch. We all headed to the river and ambled along happily. SOG had his hand on my back, shoulder or in my spare hand. (I have a clever pushchair that can be operated one handed if needs be.) He rarely isn’t touching me for long – I rather like it. It is so different to my ex hubby and so welcome. I feel proud that he wants to.

At the end of the walk was a great hotel and garden so we stopped for a drink and to let O stretch his legs. Whilst there we chatted easily when he mentioned the weekend coming up next. This was it… my chance to find out what we were going to be – I didn’t need to be serious or formal or pressured. Instead I casually dropped the sentence, ” Hmmm, 5 weekends in a row, that seems more than our website was originally aimed at…” To which he replied, ” Yes it does, are you ok with that?” I smiled broadly and said it was, then kissed him warmly. It appears this is going somewhere… hurrah! Maybe the arm/leg armour can come off.

We ended up with a sandwich picnic by the river with O quacking at swans before heading home and saying a very smiley, glowing goodbye. I think from the nature of our embraces there was a perceivable change – a recognition that this was more than friends with benefits. Hence my current grin!

The following weekend
I’d organised with O’s dad one night on, one night off. This meant I was free to head to SOG’s city (Around 60 miles away) for the first time. Armed with routeplanner directions I headed down and got pretty close before getting lost and ending up near the town centre. SOG gave me rescuing directions and soon I pulled up onto his drive. He’d left his space for me (sweet) and was at the front door ready to aid bag carrying if need be. He was outwardly pleased to see me – we both expressed our pleasure at seeing each other again in fact, then headed up to his flat. I honestly couldn’t have cared what it was like at that exact moment in time. All I wanted to do was devour him sexually – We had several charged kisses in the corridor before he showed me round. It’s a nice place. It was neat, smelt really clean and fresh. He had few items on show, there were a few good books, music, male gadgets and the expected furniture. There was nothing to hint of personality as such but then its a rented flat – what else could I expect? (Save a few cuddly toys adorning a shelf.) I clearly was too eager to take much in either as I made it clear that the bedroom (or anywhere at that point) was a viable shennigans base. I loved feeling his hardness against my hips as we kissed. I delighted at running my hands over any part I could. Pulling him into his room I had him up against the wall as I removed several of my clothing items before kneeling and doing my expert lip service as I reunited myself with his nether regions. Needless to say a short while later we were lustily entwined, enjoying the full reunion.

I’d brought my bedroom outfit with me for later – so as to not damage myself or it as I drove. Later on the stockings, heels and new turquoise (chinese style) corset and skimpy string were thoroughly approved of – after all they did match my nails exactly! SOG is a fan of my painted nails. I have Cots to thank for starting this with my aforementioned Chanel ‘Pirate’ polish. Since then I’ve always had red nails when SOG is around. I was pleased that he also liked the turquoise. He is observant; small details are always noticed and approved of – the compliments open me up like delicate butterfly wings. Everything from the way I shave to my lingerie and eyeshadow are noted, kissed and complimented. We have now discussed our similar passion for underwear and dress, how I like to wear it for myself and more so for him. He loves that I like it – he says he finds it very sexy, fun and exciting. I think indeed I have found my ‘Thing’ and am happily spending on fancy outfits, planning a few costumes and looking forward to exploring role play too. Seriously – I can’t believe my ex hubby was so lame not even liking this stuff – how dreadfully we both missed out!

That lunchtime he’d made a greek salad with crusty bread, olives, houmous and crisps. It was delicious and well planned. It looked delightful and touched me. He’d already clocked the fact that I struggle to tolerate raw onion – on anyone’s breath (cooked is fine) and had purposely left it out. He’d also got me lemonade to add to my wine should I want it. ( I am a white wine philistine.)

I have to confess that afternoon we returned to bed – enjoying sharing our expertise with each other (and toys) before napping deeply – very satisfying!

That evening when we prised ourselves out of bed we headed to a fabulous Indian restaurant. We waited a long while for service but when the food arrived it was terrific. Hot, flavoursome and the best naan I’ve ever eaten! We discussed films and theatre – both excitedly planning trips to London and to the local theatre. Each time we meet there seems to be more and more we have in common. He’s got exactly the right balance of manly/boy like, macho/girl friendly -ness to him. He’ll go to musicals but also loves Star Wars, is open to dancing but likes football etc… Where is the glitch? Damn – I’m going to have to pinch myself.

Back at his we cuddled up on the sofa in front of the TV. I can’t remember what was on – I was so dopey (and fighting a cold that never quite came out.) I am totally unashamed to say we headed under the covers for a night of dreams and sleep.

When the morning came we scrunched up tighter and ‘came to’. He brought me tea in bed then we chatted and caressed (not naughtily) before showering. The earlybird in us both was encouraging leg action so we headed into the town to a large park for a stroll. Unbeknown to either of us, it was the same day as a fun 10k race. He grumbled about the sheer number of people in the park – not because he is anti running (In fact he confessed that he often ran 10K himself) but because he’d wanted a bright, quiet morning walk with me – not a thousand odd others. I like the hints of romance – I like them a lot.

We moved away from the park and found ourselves at the doors of a local museum that was due to open any minute. I love museums and he was quite happy to take me. I can honestly say it was a remarkable and fascinating place – crammed to the hilt with historical and natural artifacts. National geographic could easily have all it’s tribal items documented here! Brilliant – I loved it! Even the member of staff who appeared randomly at our elbow every now and again was charmingly enthusiastic.

It was my choice again for what our afternoon should consist of – I decided I had to shop – I desperately need work attire. SOG was happy to accomodate this pursuit and we headed to the major stores for a happy few hours. I did purchase a few great items – he also gave me sound opinions on the selections and waited ourside changing rooms patiently. (I know – it sounds too good to be true.) We ate a pasty each in the street and headed somewhat reluctantly back to his – I had to leave.
I suppose that the holiday spirit had washed over me – I was in that relaxed, happy, concernless place. SOG has this effect on me. We do enjoy our trips out – whether it is a historic buildig, a nip into town or a hillside. This is so so good. Am I going to let myself enjoy it for long – I do hope so! I’m allowing the footplates and gloves to come off now. This armour is a little less heavy. My grin is rather broad. The cream has definitely been got!